Pro Street Chevy Vega Leaving Show with a Style!!!

Take a look at this, this bad Pro Street Chevy Vega Leaving Show with a Style!!! 

In the past few years there have been many things to be said about cars leaving shows, and for the most part the cars that have been featured, were mainly Mustangs because for whatever the reason, they kept messing things up, and constantly “tried” to attack the bystanders.

Lately however the situation has seemed to return to normal and Mustang drivers have realized that it is not as easy as they seem to think, to leave the crowd in a billow of smoke, upon leaving the local meet and greet.

This time, we bring you a video not of a Mustang, but a Pro Street car that has the power to lay down some serious rubber on the way home, and we are talking of course about a Vega that has been covered in a bright green layer of paint, and has the personality to match it.

Check out this nice burnout on the way home from the show.

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