Promods are RETURNING for No Prep Kings Season 4!!!

Check this, Promods are RETURNING for No Prep Kings Season 4!!!

This topic has been on and off since the very beginning of the whole No Prep Kings series and there are many reason that it keeps coming up.

First of all, we all remember that at one point the 405 went Promod and they built some incredibly fast cars, however after a few accidents they decided to go back to the original concept due to the fact that the Promods were just too fast for the streets.

There are no two ways about it, the Promod is designed and built for the track so now that the whole championship is held at the track, many have been dying to bring out their Promods and let them loose on the competition.

There are also many reasons why Street Cars should be the only ones allowed in the No Prep Kings championship and all of them make a valid point, so let’s let Sim explain which way things are leaning these days.

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