Randy Blackmon’s Fire at 50th SnowBird Outlaw Nationals – Outlaw 632 Eliminations!!!

Now take a look at this, Randy Blackmon’s Fire at 50th SnowBird Outlaw Nationals – Outlaw 632 Eliminations!!!

As we often do with these types of unfortunate videos, let us inform you that the driver is uninjured and walked out of the car in time to prevent any burns or some inhalation problems.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can tell you that we are headed to the “Snowbird Outlaw Nationals”, an event that was held at the Bradenton Motorsports Park between December 3-5.

With a grand prize of $50,000 there was no doubt that many will be putting everything on the line in order to cross the finish line faster than the guy in the next lane, or translated to sheer numbers, cross it at about 275 mph.

The organizers made sure that the 50th Annual event will light things up so they brought some flaming jet-powered vehicles to get the flames started.

They did not expect however for Randy to be a part of the show as his car cached on fire immediately after the start.

While the cameraman was following the winning car focusing on the right lane, what looked like a pop from the hood, all of a sudden turned into a blazing fire and by the time he spun back around towards the starting line, the front of Randy Blackmon’s car was already engulfed in huge flames.

As always the fire suppression teams were immediately dispatched towards the car and managed to help tame the flames within seconds after they have arrived, with Randy getting out of the car shortly after their arrival.

Once again we have seen why the best place for a race car is the race track where machines can be pushed to their limits as safely as possible.

So check out this incident and see how bad the fire was on Randy’s car as well as how fast these guys were in putting it out.

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