Reaper SS Camaro Crashes Badly vs The 55 at Edinburg Street Outlaws No Prep!

Check this, Reaper SS Camaro Crashes Badly vs The 55 at Edinburg Street Outlaws No Prep!

We all know the Reaper from the famous Street Outlaws show. Also known as Goad, the Reaper drive a  1969 model Chevrolet Camaro SS that is undergone some impressive chassis works and rumored engine update.

His new Camaro has 1.3 procharger and make around 4000 hp which is one of the most powerful street cars in OKC!

From the other side, the ’55 Chevy’s are highly sought after for their beauty and classic looks.

This thing is unlike any other ’55 Chevy you have ever seen before! With a 632 cubic inch motor and 3 kits of nitrous, it strikes fear into its enemies causing them to break down at the starting line and destroying any competition that dare to get in the way! 

What we can’t understand is he lost the race so why did he get back in it so far? Check the video bellow and tell us what’s your thought about this…


  • I thought Reaper drove a ’68. My mistake. This guy is so unpredictable on the Street Outlaw show. Never know how he will run

  • Reaper is the woest atreet outlaw.4000hp and canmot make an a to b pass..he lost against carp in memphis and always loses.

  • Reaper is a bad ass driver who sometimes just questions his abilities and abilities of his car I personally think he needs to set gears aside and stop worrying about losing and just put that f—–ng foot thru the floorboards hold his ass and he’ll see

  • Reapers a f’in moron. Probably drove it into the wall so he could claim some part failure for the loss and crash.

  • Reaper is a hard working guy with little or no help,he deserves more credit than he gets hope he starts getting a win here and there !!

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