Reaper SS Camaro Resurrected With A BBC Procharged Setup!!!

Check how Reaper SS Camaro Resurrected With A BBC Procharged Setup!!!

We all know the story of the Phoenix and how it rose from the ashes a better version but in reality this time the Reaper’s resurrection cannot really be compared to it no matter how hard we try and be poetic (or cliché) about it.

Yes somebody decided to finally start showing up to race nights and not just show up mind you, this time the Reaper SS Camaro has a BBC Procharged setup that promises to kick some serious ass.

There is no doubt that this is the fastest we have seen Reaper go but is this fast enough to shake up the famous list and how far will he be able to climb on it is still a mystery since there are no slow cars on the list.

Check out this video and see him make one helluva pass and tell us your prediction in the comment section, is he going to be climbing the list, and how far do you think he can make it?

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