This River Jetskiing Looks Crazy As All Hell!!!

Check This River Jetskiing and it Looks Crazy As All Hell!!!

Yes yes, we thought the same thing, well it’s not that difficult to ride a Jet Ski on a river, many have done this, but then we watched the video and boy were we surprised.

Yes a slow moving body of water that’s more than a few hundred feet wide can easily accommodate a cruise in either direction for more than one Jet Ski rider safely but these guys are talking about something entirely different, these guys are riding their machines up a narrow stream with huge trees on both sides.

The wooden obstacles at times make the passage nearly impossible since they are literally as wide as the watercraft itself which makes it hard even for this experienced rider to stay onboard.

The fast water flow creates additional problems for this rider since the current keeps pushing him of his machine as he tries to continue the journey which is apparently tiresome as he is out of breath.

Check out this amazingly fun ride in the video HERE

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