Robin Robert’s upgrading High Voltage Firebird for No Prep Kings Season 6!!

Take a look at this, Robin Robert’s upgrading High Voltage Firebird for No Prep Kings Season 6!!

Robin Roberts, the High Voltage Firebird owner is gearing up for No Prep Kings Season 6 with some major upgrades to his car. Roberts has been a consistent presence in the No Prep Kings series, constantly upgrading his car every year since his debut in No Prep Kings Season 2.

Last season, Roberts introduced a brand new car midway through the season. Unfortunately, he had a serious accident towards the end of the season, preventing him from finishing the new car in time for No Prep Kings Season 6. Despite this setback, Roberts is ready to make a strong comeback with his High Voltage Firebird.

One of the major upgrades Roberts has made to the car is a new front end, which will make it lighter by about 40 pounds. In addition to this, there are some other upgrades that will make the car even faster. With the ProCharger setup that they tested in Australia, the car looked extremely fast and consistent. The ProCharger setup creates a lot more downforce from the Sumis and runs a lot better on the front half of the racetrack.

Roberts has a tough decision to make regarding which car to drive in No Prep Kings Season 6. He could either stick with High Voltage, which has been running really fast with the ProCharger setup, or switch to the new car he introduced last season. Switching cars midway through the season is always a risky move, especially in No Prep Kings, where consistency is key. However, Roberts is confident in his ability to quickly figure out High Velocity, as he did last season, and believes that with the ProCharger setup, the car will be even better and more consistent than the twin turbo setup.

While the twin turbos did get a weight break this season of roughly 25-50 pounds, Roberts believes that the ProCharger setup will ultimately prove to be the better choice due to its consistency and downforce creation. The ProCharger setup also allows the car to reach the minimum weight requirement, giving Roberts and his team an edge over their competition.

In summary, Robin Roberts is looking to make a strong showing in  No Prep Kings Season 6 with his High Voltage Firebird. With major upgrades to the car and a proven ProCharger setup, Roberts is confident that he can outperform his previous seasons and come out on top.

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