Say Hello To The Farm Mod Built by High School Kids!

We thought you may want to take a look at his awesome built by a high school kids!

In case you just crawled from under a rock, then this is one of the things you need to know, the Farm Truck is a 970 C-10 Chevy Pickup Truck powered by a custom built 8-Cylinder big block motor that is sprayed with a 2-stage nitrous oxide kit and on top of that it has a supercharged and a digital ignition Controller.

This truck has been featured in the popular Discovery show called Street Outlaws and is the ultimate sleeper, since all that power and technology is hidden beneath some old rusty sheet metal which can fool many into thinking that this ride is just another old farm truck.

The Farm Truck is so popular that apparently, these guys have made their version of it, calling it The Farm Mod and in this video, we can see it pulling wheelies while showing its muscles.

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