See What’s Next for Street Outlaws Star Monza!!!

Check this, See What’s Next for Street Outlaws Star Monza!!!

His nickname might be a leftover from the Monza that he drove back in the day, however the Sinister Split Bumper Camaro is the car that we all associate with Jerry “Monza” Johnston these days and many have said that he has the best looking car out of the entire No Prep lineup.

We all know that recently he made the change to twin turbo just like most of the top competitors, however the switch did affect him pretty hard and in the past year he has been struggling to make a pass at the full potential that his car has.

It appears that lately he has been making more and more changes and has been requesting help in the welding department, and who better to tell us about it all than Sim, the kid that we all like to get our news from about street racing these days, so check it out.


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