Sick Camaro breaks THREE records in ONE WEEKEND!

Take a look at this Sick Camaro, it breaks THREE records in ONE WEEKEND!

For years the stick shift gearbox has been trying it’s best to get more and more customers in the US but the fact of the matter is that Americans just don’t want it, and they do not care that it has marginally better fuel consumption and all the other benefits, for most it is just too much hustle to have it in their vehicle.

Some of them that actually stuck though, made sure that their car is faster than any other car with a third pedal, and today we bring you one that was able to push the very limits to the gearbox and the engine, we bring you the fastest stick-shift car out there, a Camaro with an old school LT1.

So check out this great video and find out how this beast managed to beat not one, not two but three records during one weekend and be crowned the fastest in a few categories.

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