Small Tire Mustang CRASH Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at National Trail Raceway!!!

Wow, check this, Small Tire Mustang CRASH Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at National Trail Raceway!!!

Today we are headed to a small quarter-mile dragstrip which is located between Hebron and Kirkersville Ohio, where another No Prep Kings event is being held.

Unfortunately, as the title informs you, we have a crash on our hands by a Chevy-powered Ford Mustang which ends up slamming into both walls before he comes to a stop. As if that was not bad enough by itself, the car catches fire after the second impact which apparently bursts the fuel cell open and sends its contents all over the track as well as the front end of that mustang.

As always, the most important thing is that the driver was able to walk out of the car even before the rescue crews were able to reach the damaged vehicle thus showing everybody on his crew as well as the spectators that he is fine and had not been injured, and the safety equipment has done its job.

The other interesting part of this race is the car in the next lane.

You see, in the left lane next to the aforementioned Mustang is a little black Nova that pulls such a massive wheelie that he nearly managed to go all the way to the end of the track. You can even hear the driver pedal that thing in mid-air to make sure that it stays in line while keeping the front wheel clearly off the ground.

In a way, we feel that this crash stole the show from the Nova, and we need to make sure that everybody sees how good this thing was doing with the front wheels off the ground halfway down the track.

So check out this great race with double the action in both lanes and see how both of these guys managed to entertain the crowd in their own way, enjoy.

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