Some Insane Real Drag Races at Madill Street Race!!

Check this, Some Insane Real Drag Races at Madill Street Race!!

Oklahoma is where we are taking you in today’s video and Madill is the name of the small windy city (at least during racing hours) where the local racers managed to get a straight stretch of road closed and bring in the race cars from their neck of the woods for some real street racing.

They got the police department’s help to close the road, and just like the professionals that they are, they managed to bring down the EMS to make sure that is something goes wrong, they’ll be able to provide quick assistance.

Luckily the EMS guys had a boring day and it all went well on the track, which although pretty narrow it provided plenty of excitement for everybody that showed up.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to get to official number of vehicles that entered the race, but the important thing is that there was more than enough so check out the video and see how the whole race went down in Madill.



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