Special 1970 SS396 Chevelle Tracked To A Small Shed In Tennessee!!

Take a look at this Special 1970 SS396 Chevelle Tracked To A Small Shed In Tennessee!!

There are many reasons that a car can earn the “special” in front of its name but this one really feels like it deserves it and for one particular reason, that being that at the moment this is the earliest one to be built in Atlanta, Georgia that has been documented, and that is truly a magnificent thing,

There are some things that it did not come standard with once it left the factory floor, like the cowl induction or the racing stripes but being that these things just looked cool back in the day, and are still doing their part, we will forgive the owner for putting them on.

For a paint job that dates almost four decades ago, the paint is actually pretty well preserved, which tells us that whoever owned the car was taking great care of it like this car actually deserves, so sit back and let Patrick Nichols take you on a walk around and show you the great stuff about this awesome ride.

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  • Kinda eerie! We live in Atlanta Ga and my dad had one just like that. I believe he bought it at Nalley Chevrolet. I wish there was a way to post a picture of it. You got a great car there!

  • My dad also bought a white 70 chevelle that came with no cowl induction hood and no black stripes,black interior, 402 engine, automatic trans . I’ll have to look and see if I can find any more information about it.
    Live in middle Tn.

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