Street Outlaws Chief and Shawn Split Up and Shawn Opens His Own Shop

Take a look at this story about Street Outlaws Chief and Shawn, how they Split Up and Shawn Opens His Own Shop!!

If you missed it, we are here to tell you that there was a race in Kansas and it was a small tire cash days kind of deal which managed to get together 42 small tire cars, and we are not talking about a closed road type of racing, we are talking about straight up illegal street race which was so big that it included more than 40 cars, and people are already calling it the biggest illegal street race ever.

In addition to that, in this video you will hear what is up with Chief and Shawn, because there are a lot of rumors that these guys decided to go their separate ways and we are not saying that they are not friends anymore or something like that, instead it seems that Shawn might be opening his own shop, so watch and find out what’s going on.

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  • Big deal Shawn decided to open up his own shop, so let’s decide to use clickbait and say they SPLIT UP SMH. Then cover your ass and rephrase it and say we’re not paying they’re still not friends but….. I you guys suck just for shitty views 😂 in all reality it does the opposite because it pisses people off when you pull that shit

  • Good riddance! I really dont like that mofo Chief. He is holding the show back and needs a really good PK (Afrikaans) or in English, a b***ch slap…

  • All these pussys are just talking shit because it’s easy on social
    Who don’t like chief and shauwn

  • I use to love Chief, but since he lost his wife I think he lost all his sence. He use to seem to care more about what he was doing with the show. I agree he is holding the show back and should just quit along with Daddy Dave. They both suck now. Chief’s wife was the best thing he ever lost, and the crazy lady he has now well can’t say much about her but she likes being seen on the show for all the wrong reasons. I’d rather watch The Bad Ass Boys from Memphis race. Street Outlaws has lost its charter. Sorry but The Truth hurts.

  • In our house he is called the Big Queef. He has been holding the show back for years. Street outlaws memphis bring back JJ. Big Chief more like Big Drama. The show is a male soap opera. Staring chief and his girlfriend mommie dave. Good job Murder Nova time to kick some ass and release that Big Queef

  • Chief’s divorce is still going on and the expense is mounting and I believe this is a financial move, He’s been fighting over the appraisal of all his vehicles and assets for months this is all public knowledge on the courts web sites. I found this out through a co works family member who lives in OKC

  • The pain killers changed Chief a bunch….. Shawn probably got tired of his sh** and got out from under his shadow. This was easy to predict.

  • That’s funny. Like the big queef label.
    Big ego, wife divorce, shawn putting distance – fine. But holding the show back? whatever, there would not be a show without him. All those other ‘reasons’ are just normal life stuff. Move along. Nothing to see here.
    Very, very few shows for guys anymore. So don’t get too critical. But, think of this; make a show for guys? – Number one show.

    • Prople need to get over shitt and realise. Nothing good lasts forever. And th time changes and goes on and do does the people. And. The media. Makes things look more. Bleak than what it realy iss. They both are good racers who has had their moment in the spotlight and. I wish them both the best. Just. Remember. all people change. With the times. So dont be so judgemental. Just enjoy the races they put on. And stop the dramma. Dramma is for. Children. Adults should realise this and also remember. Their lifes are. Their own lifes. And w e all. Need to. See this as good fans. Of the show. …

  • If chief and shawn did split it is all about the money. They will be buds for ever I think. Because of the things with chiefs wife . I think it is better for shawn to go off on his own.

  • i wish the 405 would come back and send Memphis back to the cornhole place they came from they are fake racers and all there races are just bs all of a sudden any body that races them can’t drive and looses every race just bring back the 405

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