Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Rolls Goliath 6 Times at No Prep Race!

Wow, that was really scary, Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Rolls Goliath 6 Times at No Prep Race!

Today we bring you a video from a few years ago when Daddy Dave had a horrific accident which destroyed the Goliath.

The crash is so violent that the actual nitrous bottle popped out of the bracket, hit Dave in the face and flew out of the car creating a flying whirlpool in midair made out of gas.

Daddy Dave did not go thru this lightly since he had a serious concussion, a bruised lung and a ton of bumps and bruises but luckily they all healed fast and well.

 There were many comments about the safety of the car since as you are about to see on the video not all the equipment held up its end when it comes to safety and not all of it proved to be as bulletproof as it is supposed to be in this kind of crash.

Check out this terrible crash and tell us what you think, was this car ready to race or not?

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