Street Outlaws Daily Driver Madness!!!

Check this , Street Outlaws Daily Driver Madness!!!

Racing for these guys is not something that they do for TV.

As we all know, the entire Street Outlaws thing started because these guys were living the street racing life and The Discovery Channel dedicated a show to show us more about their addiction to racing.

So it is normal that these guys to have modified daily driver vehicles because it is apparent that they are used to ask more of their ride, more power more speed more acceleration.

This is why many times before the main event starts, they will bring their daily drivers and put them against each other to find out who’s faster on the way to get the groceries.

With these guys behind the wheel, there is nothing left on the table for the opponent to hope for, apart from having more power than the guy in the next lane, whatever the vehicle he might be in, and this means that there is a lot of fun to be had, so check it out.

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