Street Outlaws Dominator’s Updated Dodge Dart!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Dominator’s Updated Dodge Dart!!!

The other day we were telling you about how Dominator is getting his car ready to start racing in the No Prep Kings Championship and how everything needed to go as planned for him to come back to the races.

Well it appears that all that hard work has paid off because apparently he did whatever needed to be done and still managed to get to the races in time.

Unfortunately, he did have to miss the first two events from the No Prep Kings calendar and could not make it in time for those, however, to be honest he has not been the Championship contender so apart from a few points we are sure he did not lose much of his chances for the crown.

 There have been many changes to the popular Dodge Dart that Dominator has been driving and upgraded suspension is one of the more significant ones along with the Hemi motor which is liquid cooled as Dominator has always wanted.

We catch up to him as he rushes to get everything he can put together before he faces Boddie in the grudge race which would technically be his inaugural race this season and after all those changes so this guy has been working to the very last minute in order to get the car somewhat ready for the race.

Next after Boddie, Dominator is up in another grudge race however this time he is facing his buddy from the 405 Jeff Lutz who is piloting the brand new GTO which is supposed to help him get further up the order in the No Prep Kings Championship.

Jeff Lutz has participated in the first two events so he has somewhat of an advantage by having raced his car a few times this season so let’s check out both races and see how it goes for Dom.

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