Street Outlaws Dominator’s Zombie Attack!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Dominator’s Zombie Attack!!!

Nearly all of us know and like Dominator and there are many reasons for this.

This guy is down to earth as they come and whenever it comes to being a team player he surely does everything in his power to help out the team. We saw this during the No Prep Kings Championship as he did his best to help the team out any chance he got.

Today we bring you a video where he and his twin turbo Dodge Dart are about to take on Zombie which is a Nitrous powered Chevy Nova which is trying to prove that it’s got what it takes to take down Dominator.

Lately to be honest we have been seeing Dominator struggling to make a full pass without lifting, however this is not something that Zombie can be taking for granted because this is still a drag race and Dominator has done a few of them over the years, so check out the video and see who gets the W.


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