Street Outlaws Hit The Streets of Enid, Oklahoma!!!

Take a look at this real street races, Street Outlaws Hit The Streets of Enid, Oklahoma!!!

Once again we are at the Streets of Enid, Oklahoma but this time we are here to check out the action from the big tire class, unlike the video from earlier which focused on Chuck 55 and the OG 55.

It seems that the bad surface of these streets, makes a great equalizer because we have all the powerful cars, endlessly spinning their tires in the desperate search for grip, which is just nowhere to be found, and that helps the less powerful cars compete with rivals that are capable of producing double the power numbers.


And in a way, isn’t that what No Prep is all about, to make sure you can put down a great run, no matter the surface, and be able to tune the car down and make the necessary adjustments to make sure the car is fast wherever it is?

So why don’t you sit back, and enjoy some great racing on a very sketchy surface in the video bellow.



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