Street Outlaws Kye Kelley Shocker is Back in Black!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Kye Kelley Shocker is Back in Black!!

Just like any other championship, the No Prep Kings, is all about collecting points and being consistent and not make mistakes.

At the moment as you are probably familiar, Ryan Martin is on top of the leaderboard and is being followed by no other than the love duo of Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley who are actually tied for second place.

If you have been following this duo over the past few years, particularly in this championship, you know that this year, they are at the top of their game and are really stepping up their game, which means that whatever they did in their team, is actually working wonders for them.

As an addition to this, Kye Kelley decided to put some new livery on his ride, and adorned it in all black, with the “Black Sheep Mafia” logo, grabbing all the attention, so check out this video, and see if he will be able to continue his great streak.

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