Street Outlaws: Murder Nova Vs. The Reaper for the #10 Spot on The List!!

Who’s gonna take the last #10 spot on the list?? Check this race, Murder Nova Vs. The Reaper !

Being on the list is one of the most important thing to the entire crew of the Street Outlaws show so whenever there is a race that decides who gets kicked off the list and who stays on, it is a really big deal for the entire crew of every car that competes.

This time we have The Reaper saying, that he has been off this list for way too long and he has built this car with only one purpose and that is to get on the top of the very important list.

On the other hand, that would mean that the ever so popular Murder Nova would have to be kicked off the list, but hey, those are the rules.

Let us remind you that the Murder Nova has never even been at the bottom five on the list, and at the moment he is facing the possibility of getting kicked off it.

So check out this very important race and see who gets to stay on or off the list.

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