Street Outlaws No Prep Kings is Rigged and here is Why!!! (according to this guy)

What do you think, is Street Outlaws No Prep Kings is Rigged?? Here’s is Why!!!

We all watched and loved the No Prep Kings championship and that is the biggest reason that they are racing and filming a third season already.

The racing in this championship was so close that it comes down to a nail biting finale which makes for some great racing TV show.

As popularity grows, usually accusations go up with it and this time we have a YouTuber named Jeremy East who claims that the whole thing is rigged and believe it or not, he is convinced that he has the means to explain how, and even convince some of us.

As he explains he feels that many other racers are not given the chance to enter the competition and win some big bucks just because they are too fast, and because it is an invitation-only kind of championship.

So go ahead watch his video and see if you are also convinced that this game is rigged.

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  • afraid they might get beat if you have a car that is fast and can hang you should be aloud to race only the fastest should be in top fastest only not be a name

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