Street Outlaws Reaper & Jeff Lutz Making Power!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Reaper & Jeff Lutz Making Power!!!

As we all know, Florida is next on the calendar for the No Prep Kings Championship and everybody is getting ready for it because these guys are not the type to leave things to chance.

In today’s video we have Jeff Lutz and Reaper slamming down a few test passes in order to set up their race cars to the best of their abilities and from what we are seeing they are slowly but surely getting there.

However, this is not proof that these guys will be able to win down there because although they seem awfully fast right now once they get down there and we see their speed compared to the other guys, things will get in perspective much better.

Both of them have been making some changes to their cars and left the testing pretty happy with their results, but as we said earlier once they get to Florida they’ll know more about their cars, in the meantime check them out, as they slam down some hits.

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