Street Outlaws The Reaper Reveals New Procharged Camaro And it’s HELL!

Check how Street Outlaws The Reaper Reveals New Procharged Camaro!

Revealing a brand new car is always fun and this time we are bringing you a brand new Procharged Camaro owned by The Reaper, and boy is it special.

The incredible details of the car are so stunning that it shows to us that gone are the days when function was everything and a spray of paint made the car ready.

These guys have spent hours upon hours on the looks as well as the rest of the car and it really shows.

Old school mechanical fuel injection might sound out of date but apparently these guys decided that is much more reliable than electronically controlled one, so they kept this thing old school.

Aside from the fuel injection info, there is a bunch of other stuff that we will not go into and we will let the people who built it tell you more about this amazing Procharged Camaro in the video bellow, so play it and check out all the other cool details about it.

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