Street Outlaws Reaper SS Sneak Peek & Racing Highlights at ORP!

Check this, Street Outlaws Reaper SS Sneak Peek & Racing Highlights at ORP!

During the event that was held at the Ozark raceway park in Rogersville, Missouri there was some amazing action as always.

Amongst the guys that showed up was Reaper, but this time he did not race his car, because according to him it was not finished yet so he needed to do a few more things before it can go racing, and that meant that the fans would only get to check out the car without seeing it in action.

At the moment, the famous Bruder Brothers are doing the needed tweaks and adjustments and hopefully we will see their magic in action at the next No Prep event, in the meantime we can see what was going down at Ozark Park.

So check out the action as cars pull massive wheelies and a few minor crashes, one of which as while the driver was doing a burnout, something that you don’t see every day.


  • Reaper you’re a moron you couldn’t even get in the top five of the 405 but you talk big s*** and you can’t back it up that’s probably what’s going to happen with this car you are a moron

  • Come on Mike your the moron if you believe in this so called reality street racing. Discovery pays cities to hold street racing. Where have you ever seen a illegal race with EMTs and portable street lights on?

  • That might be true,but you got to respect the fact that he has lots of money and if he can’t figure it out, the Bruder brothers sure in the hell can

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