Street Outlaws Star Shawn NEW Murder Nova is SICK!

Street Outlaws Star Shawn NEW Murder Nova is SICK!

First of all, the most important thing is don’t call it The Murder Nova 2.0, since according to Shawn Ellington “Calling a car 2.0 is as homosexual as it gets” and who are we to tell him otherwise right?

Apparently this car is truly a work of art there is no doubt about it, with its “smaller” engine a 482 Proline small-block which even with a tandem of 88mm turbos is capable of revving up to incredible 9500 rpm, a number that honestly deserves respect.

The outside might be pretty much the same as the old car and they were even trying to get the same look while the whole under skin was completely reinvented.

At the moment the car is having trouble launching in a straight line but that is just a matter of testing and making small adjustments until everything has been dialed in to perfection.

Even as is, this beast looks capable of some amazing times, so check it out in the video below.

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