Street Racing Does NOT Always End Well!

Street Racing Does NOT Always End Well!

There is no person that has been at a real race a few times that has not understood the risk these guys take every time they bury the pedal to the floor in order to make sure they are the first person to reach that checkered flag at the end of the straight.

It is sometimes a split second which decides whether you end up being the person that is holding the trophy and the glory or if you are the person on the side of the road in the bushes telling everybody that you are good and there is no reason to worry about your health.

This time we are at a Cash Days in the middle of the street where on public roads, we try to find out who is faster as the Monza from Street Outlaws lines up against the Godfather in an awesome battle full of nitrous.

Well this time not all goes according to plan, so watch the video and find out what happens as one of them flies off the road.

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