SWEET Junk Yard RESCUE – 1958 Ford Cabover Truck!!

Take a look at this, SWEET Junk Yard RESCUE – 1958 Ford Cabover Truck!!

This actually is a Ford C550 and it initially left the factory floor back in 1958, and it is now rolling on a ’06 chassis.

It was originally from Springfield Missouri, where it was owned by Gerald Sill Drilling but after it was used for good and long, it was left at a junkyard where the current owner first saw it and just decided that he has to have it.

This kind of chassis is used by the UPS, FEDEX and similar services to it rides actually better than expected, and in the video, the guy filming it will get a chance to go for a ride in it, and we will all get a treat in the form of this thing doing a few burnouts.

The owner is more than happy to tell us more about it and it is understandable that when you build a vehicle of this sort, you will want to share it with as much folks as you can as long as they are interested in it, so check it out.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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