Sweet Kayla Plays the $100 bill Game in a Lambo!

Check this, Sweet Kayla Plays the $100 bill Game in a Lambo!

It’s probably one of the most talked about urban myth in the car world and we have all heard how his friend/relative’s car was so quick that one time he took him for a ride and taped a $100 bill on the dashboard and told him that if he can get it in the next few seconds, he can keep it.

 Needless to say they can never get it, but what happens if all of that is caught on camera, and instead of a guy there is a hot girl in a skimpy outfit reaching for the bill, and the car is a turbocharged Lamborghini?

Well it can go both ways since if we know something about women it is the fact that you can’t keep them away from your money and that Lambo is insanely fast so it makes it a pretty fair challenge.

Check out the video and see who wins.

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