Tesla is Now Worth More than GM and Ford Combined!!!

Wow, Tesla is Now Worth More than GM and Ford Combined!!!

For most of our audience, Tesla will never be the automaker to go to, since it kinda stands for the opposite of what we are used to, for most part at least.

Those vehicles do not produce any noise, almost zero vibration, and are a bit boring to say the least.

We thrive in the sound of a huge V-8 engine and love the way its torque makes the whole car lean to one side when we hit the throttle, something that no Tesla could ever achieve.

However, there is no denial that these things are pretty fast and due to the fact that their electric motors produce 100% of the torque at zero rpm these things are very fast off the line.

So why did Tesla become the most valuable brand in the US?

Well many still believe that this is the future of transportation, and this is why even with a loss of nearly a billion dollars (820 millions) last year alone, the value of Tesla managed to skyrocket and now the automaker that builds zero combustion engines per year, managed to be worth more than GM and Ford put together.


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