TEXAS WHIP FEST 2k19, Playboy geezy 3800 Cutlass CRASH!!!

Take a look at this, TEXAS WHIP FEST 2k19, Playboy geezy 3800 Cutlass CRASH!!!

Every day we do our best to bring you the best cars from the race track and the street being driven by some of the best drivers out there pushing their cars to the limit of their capabilities, and at times beyond them.

However, sometimes we just have to bring you the other side and show you that not all drivers are as capable and as competitive as those guys, there are guys that just need to stay on the sidelines and watch the races instead of trying to participate in them.

Today’s video is one of those examples, because this might be one of the worst races that you have seen.

First of all, this guy lost the race before it even began, because during staging, when he bumped in, he actually went too far which was actually a jump start.

Once they got things going he fell asleep at the light, and once he started moving it took him about 5 seconds to crash into the wall, terrible, you have to see it to believe it.



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