The 405 WILL NOT be in Street Outlaws Fastest in America Season 2!!!

Check this, The 405 WILL NOT be in Street Outlaws Fastest in America Season 2!!!

When the first season was announced the first thing we did was check out the teams that will be competing for the title of Fastest in America and we were honestly disappointed as well as surprised to see that the 405 was not on the competing teams.

It actually made us talk about that without them, it could only be called the Second Fastest in America.

Yes, we know that they keep racing on their road which is far from virgin asphalt like they did in the finals of the first season, however, these guys have proven to be faster than any other crew over and over again, and the least they could do is give them a fighting chance to defend the honor of the 405.

Apparently what we think and what the producers of Discovery think are quite different, so there you have it, we will not be seeing one of the fastest, and arguably the fastest team in the show called Fastest in America next season either.

For more news about street racing, check out the video and see what Sim has to say on the subject.


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  • Here’s the thing if you say that you are the fastest in America on the street and you’ve already talked to talk you need to walk the walk so the 405 should get into the second season

  • This will just not be the same without the 405. I have watched them so long they are like brothers and sisters to me. Without them, I think I’ll pass. Thank you 405 for all the fun, drama, and all out speed. You guys started all this, and it has been quite a ride!!

  • Wish the 405 would go To Shut jj’s Mouth then I would start looking at the show, not the same without the 405 I don’t even look at the show anymore until they bring back the 405

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