The BIGGEST Turbo We’ve EVER Seen!

Hell yeah, this is The BIGGEST Turbo We’ve EVER Seen! 

We all know Larry Larson since he has been in the business of drag racing for more than we can remember and he is a real OG racer, and now he will get even more fame as he installed a 136mm turbocharger on his S10.

We have seen big turbo’s but this thing is insane, it really should come with a bunch of warning stickers to prevent small animals and objects getting sucked in it.

During the video he will explain how and why he decided to change his setup and it has a lot to do with the NoPrep rules but we will let him explain that himself because we literally cannot turn away from that boost monster that is protruding from the front of his car, telling everybody that Larry now has the meanest S10 in the game and possibly the meanest single turbo drag car out there, so check it out, as he goes head to head with some popular racers like The Murder Nova, Nitrous Camaro, and others.

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