The Controversial Split in Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, The Controversial Split in Street Outlaws!!!

Lately, one of our favorite YouTubers Sim has been starting his videos with a recap of the number of viewers that each episode has had in the previous week when it first aired, and there is something that he thinks is concerning.

The number of viewers of the small tire Street Outlaws Oklahoma show has been steadily declining.

While some might think of this as a reason of concern and a drop in popularity, we think that people have been just watching less and less TV, and have been paying attention to the Street Outlaws on different media.

Nearly all of the clips and videos can be found on different streaming services these days and this is the case with the Street Outlaws Oklahoma, so because of this, we think that while people have not been watching the show on TV they have found different ways and places to watch it.

In our humble opinion, the show took the right turn towards small tires and got closer to many street racers that have been doing this on small tires, unlike the very few that were able to afford cars with such huge amounts of power and tire for street racing.

This means that the popularity will be growing instead of declining with more and more street racers watching every episode on different streaming platforms.

The fact that nearly all of the drivers have their own successful YouTube channels backs up our theory about why TV viewership is declining, unlike the show’s popularity.

The main subject however for this video is something else, something that Sim is trying to explain that for many might not make sense however the producers have decided to go for the episode splits and this is where we stand at the moment, so why don’t we hear what Sim has to say about it.





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One thought on “The Controversial Split in Street Outlaws!!!

  1. I believe the declining viewership is due, mainly to NPK . They race on tracks during the day light or at night with lights and Tv viewers can see better . I’ve been going to Drag Races since I was a kid and competed for thirty years , and never heard that much sh-t talking without someone getting shot or at least a ass beating.

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