The Difference Between Demon and Hellcat – 1/4 mile drag race!!

Here is The Difference Between Demon and Hellcat – 1/4 mile drag race!!

The Hellcat was considered to be the true epiphany of the old school American muscle car when it first came out and while many of the car journalist were saying that there is no way to use that incredible amount of power efficiently in the real world, the rest of them were saying, “that’s exactly the point”.

This smoke machine/tire shredder was an instant hit and there was little doubt that there could be a better bang for your bucks in the new car sales section.

While the world was still trying to get used to the unreal power numbers that this machine was producing, the guys at Dodge decided to go one step over and introduce the Demon. A monster with only one purpose in life, to demolish quarter mile times of stock cars.

But along with all the extras, the price was jacked as well, so is the Demon worth all that extra cash? Well find out in this head to head race and decide for yourself.

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