The Fate of Midwest Street Cars!!

Take a look at this story, The Fate of Midwest Street Cars!!

As you guys probably remember, the whole deal with the Street Outlaws TV Show did start at Midwest Street Cars, the garage where you can find Shawn Ellington and Big Chief wrenching away on their cars.

However, as we have already announced they have been trying to go their separate ways since the summer and they are trying to focus on different things and different types of racing.

For example, this was the year when Big Chief decided to join the No Prep Kings championship and he did not have Shawn in tow, and Shawn did not even frequent the events that the entire 405 was trying to win.

Shawn in the meantime is taking his Murder Nova to different ProMod events and yes we do know that the Murder Nova is not even a real ProMod but he is still trying to beat a few of them.

So what is the real fate of this popular garage?

Well we are still unsure so for more info you should check out the video and see what else is in play for Midwest Street Cars.

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One thought on “The Fate of Midwest Street Cars!!

  1. I always thought that when Big Chief put in the tune set up for The Murder Nova for any list race that he was to make it so the Murder Nova was going to hot for the pass !!!! Im a strong believer that Big Chief was scared of the MURDER NOVA for list racing and THAT IS TRUE SHIT !!!!!

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