The Fate of The Murder Novas – 405 Street Outlaws!!

Check this, The Fate of The Murder Novas – 405 Street Outlaws!!

Once again we bring you Sim and his great video which is made to bring us the best news about the entire street racing scene these days, and today, amongst other things, he talks about the new type of show that is Street Outlaws.

This show features the fastest guys in the country as they go head to head in order to prove which team is the fastest and as soon as you take a look at the guys that are in it, you can see that the Nola and Texas teams are kinda in a league of their own.

Birdman and Mike Murillo are both No Prep Kings champions.

These guys have proven to be the best of the best already, and that means that Texas has the upper hand in this, but Team Nola showed incredible potential this year in this same event, and nearly snagged the championship, so there is no way that Kye Kelley, Scott Taylor and the rest of the Nola team will just sit back and let Texas win this.

Check out what other news Sim has for us in the video bellow.


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