The Hate Tank vs Nitrous Chevy In One Hell Of a Race!

Watch this, The Hate Tank vs Nitrous Chevy In One Hell Of a Race!

he opinions about the Hate Tank differ from, best machine ever, to ugliest car, with a few that actually say he is cheating the rules, but there’s one thing clear, there is nobody saying that he will go unnoticed wherever he shows up, love it or hate it this car has presence and it stops many in their track upon seeing it.

Today he is up against the Nitrous Chevy in a race that was held during the Nuclear No Prep event at Cordova, and by the looks of it this is going to be a great race.

We all know that the Nitrous Chevy is a very fast car and it has proven itself over and over again but is the bowtie going to be able to get to the finish line faster than the Hate Tank?

Well watch the video bellow and find out without us spoiling the fun.

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