The Luxurious Lifestyle of Big Chief from 405 Street Outlaws!

Check The Luxurious Lifestyle of Big Chief from 405 Street Outlaws!

Big Chief, also known as Justin Shearer, is a well-known figure in the world of street racing and professional drag racing. He rose to fame as the star of the reality TV show, Street Outlaws, which follows a group of street racers competing in car races on the streets of Oklahoma City. However, his love for cars and racing started long before he became a cast member of the show.

Big Chief grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where he and his brother were raised by their single mother after their father died when they were young. He moved to Oklahoma in 1992 when his mother remarried, and it was there that his interest in racing cars began to manifest. As a kid, he would ride his bike to watch street races on old Route 66, where he met different street race crews in Oklahoma City. Watching these races was the push he needed to pursue his dream of becoming a streetcar racer.

To fuel his passion, Big Chief worked odd jobs and eventually landed a job at Midwest Street Cars, a company he would later own. Through his hard work and dedication, he was able to accumulate enough money to invest in his car. The first car he bought was a 1972 Pontiac LeMans, which he customized to his taste and named The Crow. This car holds a special place in his heart, and he was heartbroken when it was wrecked in an accident in 2015.

Despite suffering life-threatening injuries in the accident, including a spinal cord injury, a smashed collarbone, and pulmonary contusions, Big Chief’s passion for racing didn’t wane a bit. He restored his car and returned to the street in grand style, to the surprise of his fans. This accident didn’t deter him from living his dream and being one of the most famous street racers in the United States.

Big Chief’s success on the TV show Street Outlaws and the racing circuit has allowed him to live a relatively convenient lifestyle with all the necessities of life and luxury. He spends a lot on his racing cars and has access to the best homes and other luxuries. Despite spending a lot of time in the public eye, Big Chief rarely shows off his fortune on social media. He is a minimalist who prefers to wear neck tops and baseball caps with no wristwatches or rings.

In conclusion, Big Chief’s journey to becoming one of the most famous street racers in the United States is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and passion. He has worked hard to accumulate a fair amount of wealth for himself through his success in the street racing contest, his appearance on Street Outlaws, and other business ventures. Big Chief’s love for fast cars and racing is not just a hobby but a way of life, and he has made a name for himself as a skilled and fearless driver who never backs down from a challenge.

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