The Murder Nova Gets a HEMI – Does The OG get on The List!!!

The new Murder Nova is still unable to perform as it was supposed to, since Shawn decided that he
needs to go twin turbo just like everybody else.

We all know that there are tons of reasons for a car to have problems after a big change like that, but
for the most time, after a while things get sorted out and taken care off.

However it seems that the new Murder Nova is just refusing to get in line and do what it is supposed to
do, and that is to go out there and win races and get on the top three of the 405 list, so has the
California born, 405 racer Shawn Ellington had enough, and decided to swap out the engine?

Well the whole internet is brewing over that one picture, which features what seems to be a Billet Hemi
hanging in front of the Murder Nova, so check out the video to find out more.


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