The Street Outlaws 405 vs Sweden Drag Racing!!

Check this, The Street Outlaws 405 vs Sweden Drag Racing!!!

We have told you this many times and we don’t mind repeating it just because we love the fact that outside the US, the Scandinavians are the folks with the biggest following for US made classic muscle cars.

Believe it or not, the Stockholm street race is one of the biggest concentrations of American made muscle cars and that is something that we think needs to be acknowledged.

These guys build and race one of the baddest street cars outside the US and this is the topic of today’s video brought to us by Sim, and we tend to agree with him, since how awesome it would be to bring arguably the best crew from the states, the 405 to Sweden and letting them have a go at winning one of their popular races.

To find out more about this idea, as always you need to check out Sim’s video and see what he thinks about this, however if you ask us, we just want to say, do it!

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