The Teutuls Are Back! Famous American Chopper Show is Back!

How did the Teutuls end up as TV stars, and where did their story leave off when American Chopper stopped filming?

It might seem like not too long ago but these guys have been of the TV sets in their original form, as the American Chopper show for quite a while, and rumors about them getting back together never really stopped after all these years.

Senior, Junior and off course Mikey were always a fun family to watch. When they worked and even more when they fought. And fought they did, no doubt about it, from throwing chairs to yelling at each other in nearly every episode, these two gifted bike builders, kept us glued to the screens.

But it was the same thing that made them so popular that tore their family apart causing the show to seize. Huge amounts of effort by producers and other family members were used to get them to go back together but it seemed like they kept falling on deaf ears.

This time there is hope it seems that once again we will be able to enjoy their company but in the meantime, check out their story.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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