The Unfortunate Current Fate of No Prep Racing!!!

This is The Unfortunate Current Fate of No Prep Racing!!!

More than any other off season, the No Prep guys have been building brand new cars and modifying the current ones to be faster than ever but as of right now, it all may have been for nothing.

However bad this sounds, with the spread of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) the whole future of any sport event is uncertain and such is the faith of the No Prep Championship since many of the races have been pushed back.

Fact of the matter is, we cannot know how long it would take for this thing to pass and that means that the organizers cannot set a date, simply because nobody wants to organize a race with no audience and no ticket sales.

Nearly every racer from this championship has done significant work to their car in order to make it faster, and some have gone to the extent of building a brand new car, and we can’t wait to see them test, but as of right now we can’t even be sure that there will be a championship.

As always, Sim has more information about this, so check out his video.


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