These are Jay Leno’s Favorite American Muscle Cars!!!

Today, we present you Jay Leno’s Favorite American Muscle Cars!!!

The rest of the world knows him as one of the best comedians of our time, however to the regular car enthusiast he is one of us, and he is one of the greatest car and bike collector in Hollywood.

We are talking about Jay Leno, and his incredible collection that even had its own show, not a thing that can be said about many collections. 

Today we have Sean Evans from The Drive visiting Jay and off course they are talking about muscle cars, and we for one would like to know his opinion on the subject because let’s face it, this guy knows cars and he has owned and driven probably more cars than we ever will in our lifetime.

So sit back play the video and hear him talk about muscle cars the only way he knows how, thru comedy and thru some cool anecdotes about his life behind the wheel of a muscle car.

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