They Installed Quad Turbos and see what happens!!

Take a look at this, They Installed Quad Turbos and see what happens!!The Most Fun You Can Get Destroying a Mazda!!

Nearly every time we bring you a video, it’s about a car or an engine getting the best treatment that it can get, however this time we bring you a video that it is providing the fun to the guys that are making it, instead of providing the car with the best of treatments.

This video is about a bunch of guys that have decided to strap on turbo chargers to a regular 4 cylinder Mazda, and we are not talking about a twin turbo setup, no sir, we are talking about a four cylinder four turbo setup which is about to provide all the possible power that this little 4 banger can provide. 

Before you start providing us with info about how all this fabrication could have been done differently just let us bring you up to speed about these guys and then you can see how much they care about the car, so play the video and find out.

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