This is the Greatest barn find Collection Known to Man!!!

Take a look at this, Greatest barn find Collection Known to Man!!!

They say you have to take the road less traveled in order to see greater things than most and this is just what the famous YouTuber Hagerty is doing on this episode of Barn Finder as he takes an unmarked and an unpaved road in order to get to one of the greatest collection of cars that we have seen in a while.

As it many times is with this thing, it’s a family thing and dad started this whole thing with collecting cars and it got passed on to his son who is now here to give us a tour of this incredible collection of gorgeous cars like Dodge Daytonas, Plymouth Superbird, a bunch of Chevys powered by big blocks, Ford Thunderbirds, an L-82 Corvette that believe it or not has less than 10 miles under its belt, something that makes it extremely valuable and unique.

Before you get your wallet out, we have to disappoint you and tell you that nothing you are about to see is for sale.

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