This is UNIQUE Rat Rod BUILD – 1940’s Milk Truck!!

For sure, This is UNIQUE Rat Rod BUILD – 1940’s Milk Truck!!

St. Louis is out destination today as we take you to check out the Wrenchfest where an incredible Rat Rod is on display, one that has started life back in the 40’s as a milk truck and after all those years of selfless service to the community, it got to live a second life, one which is much more glamorous than the one it had before, and one that demands the attention of the entire neighborhood.

Powered by a small block Chevy this baby has a bunch of other cars to thank because it is made out of quite a few donor vehicles which provided parts of the body so it can look as Rad and stunning as possible all at the same time.

This is one milk truck that can do a proper burnout and the best part of the video is that the owner treats us with one, so check it out.

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