This Must Be What Chevelle Heaven Looks Like !!

Wow, for sure, This Must Be What Chevelle Heaven Looks Like !!

A few days ago we brought you a video which showed you more than 100 Chevelles in one place during an event called The Summer of 1969 and there you were able to see the biggest gathering of Chevelles ever.

However, the show did not feature Chevelles from this year alone, they brought also brought out cars from different years so in this video we will try and bring you more about those cars, which are definitely worth checking out as well.

And as you are probably guessing we have the best commentary for a walkaround that we can get, yes Patrick Glenn Nichols is here to tell us a few words about these cars and throw in a few insider information since as he walks around he recognizes cars that he has known for a while, and some race cars that have been hitting the 9’s, so sit back and see how awesome they all are.

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