ULTIMATE Race Camper With Big Block & Fridge Included!!!

Check this ULTIMATE Race Camper With Big Block & Fridge Included!!!

Was there even any need to mention that this thing is powered by a big block?

Probably not but to us that is one of the more important things since this show vehicle is pretty much beating the horsepower numbers of most of the cars that are out there on the roads these days.

While we are sure that power and speed were not at the top of the priorities in this built, the 4 speed manual transmission does raise the coolness of this vehicle to a whole new level.

This resto-mod camper is something that Josh Gifford actually built in house in about 11 months and 2,200 hours and this guy is proud of the entire thing, as you would imagine for a built that took so much of his time.

The whole thing is resting on the chassis of a C30, and the attention to details is incredible, but the fun part is that he managed to put a number to all that work, and it is an even $250 000.

So check out this Lamborghini-money camper in the video bellow.

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