Unconverted 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova Found In Western PA Parked Since 1978!!

Take a look at this, Unconverted 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova Found In Western PA Parked Since 1978!!

There is literally no need to tell you the history of how Yenko came to be, so we jump right into the topic of the video which is a 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova which has been recently uncovered by no other than our favorite classic muscle car guru Patrick Nichols who as always decided to bring his findings to the greater audience.

From what he has been able to uncover, there has been only 37 of these cars that every drove off the Yenko dealership and at the moment this is the only one of them that features an automatic transmission thus turning this great find into a ultra-rare machine.

There is an ongoing argument that since it did not get the 427 conversion this is not a real Yenko car, it is just a SS396 Nova that was sold thru the Yenko dealership, but we urge you to watch the video and hear what Patrick has to say about it, if afterwards you still don’t think it’s a Yenko, well tell us about it.

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4 thoughts on “Unconverted 1969 L78 396 Yenko Nova Found In Western PA Parked Since 1978!!

  1. There’s absolutely nothing to tell. This car is an Automatic, Yenko only converted 4-spds. EVERY 396 Nova that Don sold would have been “unconverted”. This car is nothing more than a nice, surviving SS 396 Nova. End of story.

  2. As much as I hate to say this..fact is fact..yes the car was shipped to Yenko..Yes Yenko converted the nova to the 427 and his stripes, etc..However This car is NOT a “Yenko” car simply because it was on Yenkos dealership..there is no documentation stating this car was to be converted to the 427 Yenko nova and missed the mark being done..had there been something stating that infact it was to be converted and was not..”might” change something as far as the cars history goes..but truthfully, as it sits..its a 1969 SS Nova sold thru Dons dealership..to me..other then where the car was bought from..its nothing more or less then any other 1969 SS 396 nova bought at any other dealership.

    1. Definitely a unconverted 69 Yenko L78 Nova intended for the sYc 427 Supercar program. The only automatic ever found. Truly unbelievable car.

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